Friday, December 11, 2009

Message for Carol Muscarà Lanning


Hello. You have added your name to my blog. Could you please tell me if you are connected to the Librizzi Muscara and how?
There are two lines of Muscarà in Librizzi, they are NOT related.
Happy Holidays to you and yours.


  1. Carol Muscara LanningJanuary 19, 2010 at 1:33 PM

    Hello. I did not realize I added my name to your blog, not sure how it happend. I have been on your sight reading all of you wonderfull family information. I have recently started looking into my family history but have come to a dead end. My research ends with my great great grandfater, Giovanni Muscara and i am not sure if there is any connection. This is what I know:
    Great Grandfather - Giovanni Muscara: was born circa 1852? in Santa Terese Di Riva, Messina, Sicily, Italy
    Married to : Margherita Bucca – ( I can not find any information on her but I think maybe she died during child birth)
    their children:
    Antonia Muscara – was born on 24 May 1881 in Mascali, Catania, Sicily, Italy
    Sam Muscara – was born on 30 Oct 1882 in Mascali, Catania, Sicily, Italy
    Mary Muscara – Was born on 4 Mar 1888 in Riposto, Catania, Sicily, Italy
    Leonarda Muscara – Was born circa 1891 in Riposto, Catania, Sicily, Italy
    Grace Muscara – Was born circa 1893 in Santa Teresa Di Riva Messina, Sicily, Italy

    You have done such a wonderful job and enlightenment on my search would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Hi Carol,
    thank you for answering my question.
    Librizzi is in the Province of Messina. I am not sure where Santa Teresa Di Riva is located but I believe that it is not far from Librizzi. I will do some research and see where it is located.
    I am not related to the Muscara' from the locations that you mention. At least I do not know of the connection, I suppose that many centuries ago there might have been a connection. I do know that there is a large group of Muscara' in the Catania area, and also in Piazza Armerina. There even is a street named Viale Generale Muscara' in Piazza Armerina, named after a well known general. In Acireale there is another Muscara' street. I discovered this on a tour of Sicily a few years back.
    Actually I have been curious myself about the non Librizzi Muscara' but I need to do a lot more research in those towns before I connect the ancestors, if there is a connection.

    If you have not read the records available at the Mormon Family History Centers, I recommend that you do. They have made copies of records that go back a few centuries and up to 1920 (the legal cut off year to make those documents public). You can find birth, marriage, and death records! Also Census records. You can start your search on the Mormon site on the web, go to their Library on line and check to see if they have records for your towns. Also go personally to a Family History Center, the people there are very friendly and they will be glad to get you started.

    As I said in my post to you, there are two lines of Muscara'. If you read my early posts one of them explains how this happened. In fact in Sicily there are many surnames with two different lines, they share the name but not the ancestry.

    While doing your research, keep in mind that women kept, and still do, their maiden names. This makes it easier to identify female relatives.

    I hope that I have been of help.

    Take care, Maria

  3. How do I contact this person who is researching ancestors from Piazza Armerina?


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